Senat is one
of Liechtenstein’s oldest
and most traditional
trust businesses

Our roots go back to 1936 when Mr. Ludwig Hasler, former head of Liechtenstein Tax Authority, established the fiduciary business Treuhandbüro Hasler focusing on offering fiduciary services and providing tax and legal advice.

Today, the grandson of Ludwig Hasler, Dr. Markus Hasler is the managing partner of Senat AG and the business offices remain located at the same address; Egertastrasse 17, Vaduz.

As Liechtenstein has developed as a financial center so has Senat AG and expanded its services. Regardless of whatever changes that have occurred during the years Senat AG still adheres to the founding principles of Mr. Ludwig Hasler, competence, transparency and trust.

As a direct result of this many of Senat AG’s clients are long-term clients and the relationships often date back several decades. Senat AG takes pride in being able to assist families and individuals over several generations and to provide assistance and valuable advice in order to preserve wealth and to find solutions that benefit the beneficiaries long-term.

Our services

Corporate Services

We offer our services to both private and corporate clients. Senat AG has long standing cooperation agreements with financial services intermediaries as well with various Family Offices, Attorney-at-Law, Banking Institutions etc. We are always interested in expanding our network and invite any and all serious intermediaries to contact us for further discussions.

Asset protection solutions

At the core of our services are our asset protection planning services. In an always more open and more transparent world the complexity of asset protection has increased. At the same time the need for asset protection is stronger than ever before. A proper asset protection plan will benefit the client on several levels such as;

  • preserving the wealth within the family and shielding the assets from various claims
  • estate planning
  • confidentiality of ownership
  • tax efficient structuring
  • promoting special family values and principles

In developing your personal asset protection plan, we draft, establish and manage Liechtenstein and foreign vehicles and coordinate the work of legal and tax advisors of the involved jurisdictions. An asset protection vehicle will not only protect from creditors but will also involve estate planning, asset structuring, tax efficiency and wealth preservation.

Holding companies

We establish and administer holding companies according to your specific needs.

For Liechtenstein holding companies, we provide a managing style fit to meet the «substance test» requirements with our own employees.


Dr. Markus Hasler has great experience with regards to advising on charitable projects and is deeply involved in several Charitable Foundations and Trusts. Senat AG has the know-how necessary to not only establish but also to properly run active charitable structures.

Legal services

Our legal practice covers the following areas:

  • asset protection and succession planning
  • trusts and foundations
  • establishments and companies limited by shares
  • protector services
  • liquidation of structures
  • depositor of bearer shares

Accounting and audit

Our services include:

  • advice in VAT and accountancy
  • financial accounting
  • accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting
  • payroll accounting
  • quarterly VAT statements
  • financial statements, respectively monthly, quarterly and semiannually statements/reports
  • annual financial statements
  • tax returns applications for legal entities

Keys People

Dr. iur. Markus

Dr. Hasler the founding partner of Senat AG. He is admitted to practice as a trustee in Liechtenstein and provides the trustee operations license (180A) to Senat AG. Dr. Hasler has a profound experience in advising international high net worth individuals and families and acting as trustee or foundation (both family and charitable) board member.


Mrs. Böhringer is Managing Director of Senat Corporate Limited. She advises on Liechtenstein, Swiss and international tax and accounting law.



and digital data

We are committed to confidentiality and fully appreciate the possible pitfalls of storing data electronically.

We prefer paper to digital media. It is our corporate policy to provide each staff member with two computer stations, one with and one without internet access, and we do not keep or process client related information on work stations with internet access.

We do not store confidential information electronically.

We have rigid policies with regards to privileged information. Only key employees are given strict authorization to access client files.

and customer due

Senat AG is fully compliant with local legislation and as such performs up-to-date customer due diligence on all of its partners and clients. Having said this, Senat AG is careful to never overstep what is required by law.

Tax conformity
and undisclosed

As Senat AG is fully compliant this also means that it is only able to engage prospective clients that are tax compliant and that have sufficient documentation with regards to origin of wealth. Senat AG wishes to clearly state that it cannot and will not assist individuals and/or corporate clients that seek advice that effectively constitutes tax evasion.

Is asset protection
legal or morally

Asset Protection stems back several hundred years and the earliest documentation we have is when individuals travelled to the Holy Land. It was recognized that this was a highly perilous voyage and as such, before embarking on it, one should set his/her affairs in order. This was often done through the use of Trusts in Anglo Saxon countries and through Foundations for individuals residing on the Continent.

Wise business men reason the same way nowadays before they engage in complex investments and projects by separating private wealth from corporate assets. This ensures a certain financial stability not only for the business man/woman but for his/her family. It is also a proven fact that wealth that is structured, wisely and carefully invested, in a tax efficient manner lasts longer than when wealth is held privately without any restrictions.

Asset Protection in itself has never been seriously questioned and estate planning just as tax planning is not only allowed but highly advisable.

Asset Protection structures enable individuals to not only structure their wealth and to protect it but it gives them a platform to set out certain rules and to ensure that the wealth is used in ways that truly benefit themselves and their families.


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Address: Egertastrasse 17, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Telephone: +423 237 43 43


Address: Egertastrasse 17, 9490 Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein
Telephone: +423 237 43 43
Facsimile: +423 232 01 43
Registration number and registration authority:
FL-0001.108.292-1, Commercial Register of Principality of Liechtenstein (Handelsregister, Amt für Justiz)
Supervisory authority:
Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein, Landstrasse 109, 9490 Vaduz
Professional association:
Trustee Association (Liechtensteinische Treuhändervereinigung) Geschäftsstelle Bangarten 22, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Professional title and title granting country:
Treuhandgesellschaft (trust company), Principality of Liechtenstein
Rules of professional conduct:
Trustee Act (Gesetz vom 9. Dezember 1992 über die Treuhänder), Professional Due Diligence Act (Gesetz vom 11. Dezember 2008 über berufliche Sorgfaltspflichten zur Bekämpfung von Geldwäscherei, organisierter Kriminalität und Terrorismusfinanzierung), made available by Liechtenstein Law Gazette at
VAT number: 51156

Senat Corporate Limited

Address: Kirchstrasse 1, 9490, Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein
Telephone: +423 237 44 88
Facsimile: +423 237 43 93
Registration number and registration authority:
FL-0002.232.536, Commercial Register of Principality of Liechtenstein (Handelsregister, Amt für Justiz)
Rules of professional conduct:
Gewerbebewilligung zur Führung eines Buchhaltungsbüros (licensed bookkeeping office)
VAT number: 56679


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